Add Office 2010 KMS Key to your KMS Server

Office 2010 will require either a MAK (Multiple Activation Key) or a KMS Key (the new volume lenience key, since Vista/Server 2008). You will only need one KMS server for your organization to serve out activations for both Windows Operating Systems and Office 2010.


Download your Office Product and KMS Key from Microsoft Licensing


Download the Microsoft Office 2010 KMS Host License Pack

Download this .exe from Microsoft and install it on your current KMS server. It will ask you for your Office 2010 KMS key and then activate it against Microsoft’s Activiation Servers.

The Host Service Pack can only be installed on Server 2003, Server 2008 R2 or Volume Licence edition of Windows 7.

Once the key has activated you will receive a message indicating that the activation was successful.


Let your clients with Office 2010 activate to the new KMS host key

You’re all set, your clients should now activate to your KMS server.


The KMS Host key for Office 2010 is somewhat different than that of the client OS’s, as it will only take 5 users running Office 2010 for the KMS to activate them, as compared to the 25 hosts required for client OS’s.
Also, if a client is off of the network and does not contact the KMS server after 180 days the user will receive a message when they open Office stating that the product is unlicensed, however, it will continue to work with no loss of functionality. Once the user connect to the network with the KMS host the error will go away and the re-activation process will be transparent to the end user.

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