Script to configure Azure AD Cloud Kerberos Trust

As businesses increasingly operate in hybrid environments spanning both on-premises and cloud infrastructure, the need for seamless authentication across multiple environments becomes paramount. To address this challenge, organizations are turning to automated processes for implementing and managing Cloud Kerberos Trust. … Continue reading

Encouraging Diversity & Inclusion Through Microsoft’s MVP Program

Diversity and inclusion have never been more critical in all facets of culture. That includes IT, technology experts, and the technological infrastructures at large. Even the technology itself needs to take diversity and inclusion into consideration. Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional … Continue reading

Windows Autopilot to enroll hybrid Azure AD-joined error

I came across this issue where joining the on-premise Active Directory failed during Windows Autopilot. The full error message from the event viewer of the machine where the Intune Connector is installed. Intune Connector event viewer error: RequestOfflineDomainJoinBlob_Failure: Failed to … Continue reading