ConfigMgr 2007 Maintenance Tasks

Common Daily Maintenance Tasks

Some common daily maintenance tasks are listed below:

  • Verify that predefined maintenance tasks scheduled to run daily are running successfully.
  • Check Configuration Manager 2007 site database status.
  • Check site server status.
  • Check Configuration Manager 2007 site system inboxes for backlogs.
  • Check site systems status.
  • Check client status.
  • Check the operating system event logs on site systems.
  • Check the SQL Server error log.
  • Check system performance.

Common Weekly Maintenance Tasks

Some common weekly maintenance tasks are listed below:

  • Verify that predefined maintenance tasks scheduled to run weekly are running successfully.
  • Delete unnecessary files from site systems.
  • Produce and distribute end-user reports if required.
  • Back up application, security, and system event logs and clear them.
  • Check the site database size and verify that there is enough available disk space on the site database server to allow the site database to grow.
  • Perform SQL Server database maintenance on the site database according to your SQL Server maintenance plan.
  • Check available disk space on all site systems.
  • Run disk defragmentation tools on all site systems.

Common Periodic Maintenance Tasks

Some common periodic maintenance tasks are listed below:

  • Review the security plan for any needed changes.
  • Change accounts and passwords if necessary according to your security plan.
  • Review the maintenance plan to verify that scheduled maintenance tasks are scheduled properly and effectively depending on configured site settings.
  • Review the Configuration Manager 2007 hierarchy design for any needed changes.
  • Check network performance to ensure changes have not been made that affect site operations.
  • Verify Active Directory settings affecting site operations have not changed. For example, you should ensure that subnets assigned to Active Directory sites used as boundaries for a Configuration Manager 2007 site have not changed.
  • Review the disaster recovery plan for any needed changes.
  • Perform a site recovery according to the disaster recovery plan in a test lab using a backup copy of the most recent backup snapshot created by the Backup ConfigMgr Site Server maintenance task.
  • Check hardware for any errors or hardware updates available.
  • Check overall health of site.

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