Serialized Editing of Data Objects in ConfigMgr2012 (SEDO)

A few facts about SEDO

  • 30 minute timeout for the lock – so if I am not active the lock goes away after 30 minutes.
  • Another admin want to edit the object, in this case a task sequence I can press “Retry Edit” and if the first admin have been inactive more than five minutes then control is transferred to the Admin requesting to edit it. But in difference to SCCM 2007, there will not be conflict as I as the first admin cannot save the changes I make so there are no conflicts created.
  • Admin UI crash can cause Locks

When the UI crashes and causes locks, you can easily unlock or locate the Locks

run sql mangement studio against your DB

Show locks: select * from SEDO_LockState where LockStateID <> 0

Delete locks:  delete from SEDO_LockState where id=’PLACE ID FROM ABOVE HERE’

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