Top 10 reasons Why Windows 365 is a great choice

Windows 365 is a great choice for your business. As the world becomes more digital, it is important to have the right tools to stay productive and competitive. Subsequently, with this Windows solution, you can take your desktop anywhere you go, work from any device, and access your files and apps from anywhere with an internet connection. Here are the top 10 reasons why Windows 365 is a game changer for businesses of all sizes: To expand on each topic, simply click on the item. Each topic will be released over the next couple of weeks, stay tuned for updates … Continue reading

Azure Virtual Desktop’s Latest Capabilities

Using virtual desktop services enables you to have secure access to work applications and other organizational resources from remote locations. This is something that vastly increases your capabilities beyond the traditional desktop in the office. Microsoft offers Azure Virtual Desktop (AVD) as a desktop and app virtualization service that runs on the cloud. And as the work environment consistently evolves, desktop virtualization services are becoming an integral part of the way that organizations operate. It can make it easier to have employees working remotely without worrying about the security of your network. Unlike in the past when running a virtual … Continue reading

Script to add a Windows 365 Cloud PC User – Add-CloudPCUser.ps1

Script prerequisites for Windows PowerShell: 1. A minimum Windows PowerShell version of ‘7.2’ is required to run this script. The script automatically checks for and installs module if needed. 2. Windows 365 Cloud PC Management PowerShell Module must be installed on local machine. The script automatically checks for and installs module if needed. 3. Microsoft Graph PowerShell Module must be installed on local machine. The script automatically checks for and installs module if needed. 4. An Azure AD user that has an admin consent permission, if needed, to approve the following permissions in Microsoft Graph application in Azure AD apps: … Continue reading

Taking A Closer Look At Windows 365 Security

The idea of having a desktop that you can access from just about anywhere is an incredible option to have. Not only that but you can do so using your PC, tablet, or smartphone. As can be seen by the disruptions we witnessed to business activities at the height of the pandemic, the lack of viable options can be disastrous. Hence why the Windows 365 Cloud PC has been very well received by organizations since coming onto the scene in 2021. It gives organizations a solution that they may not have had a few years back. You can provide desktops … Continue reading

Getting Set up With Windows 365

Cloud computing and Cloud PC has come a long way in the last couple of decades. As a way of delivering various on-demand IT resources over the internet, cloud computing has an endless list of applications. These can then offer individuals and organizations alike access to resources that may otherwise be beyond their means. As you can imagine, the cost of running an on-premises IT environment can be very steep. This is why cloud computing is being adopted by a lot of organizations as they realize the benefits and convenience you get. And Microsoft has been providing these services for … Continue reading

What You Need To Know About Windows 365 Lifecycle

Organizations have countless products that they have to enable them to optimize the productivity of staff members. These products can come from different vendors and so it’s extremely important to guarantee the quality of these tools. And when there is a lifecycle policy available, like with Windows 365 lifecycle, organizations are confident. They can be certain that the products they are purchasing have been rigorously tested, are built extremely securely, and will meet any necessary compliance and security regulations. With Windows 365, clients know that they are using a product that meets all of the above and can perform to … Continue reading

Understanding Windows 365 Government

The interest in cloud computing technology has grown significantly over the last few years. Although it has been around for at least a couple of decades, a lot of businesses simply lacked interest in adopting the technology. But, since the COVID-19 pandemic, many now recognize just what value cloud computing brings to their organizations. Among the many potential benefits, it can enhance the security of your corporate data, it can reduce IT expenditure, and it can also contribute to greater employee satisfaction. As a leader in this space, Microsoft wants to offer clients a platform that can deliver the best … Continue reading

Analyzing the Economic Impact of Windows 365 on Businesses

In 2021, Microsoft added a new product to its software portfolio. The Windows 365 Cloud PC enables users to experience a cloud version of Windows 10/11 from their personal devices. And given what we have experienced in the last few years, the value of the Cloud PC to businesses is significant with real economic impact. No longer do employees have to be confined to their physical offices. In fact, according to a survey done by Microsoft, 73% of workers would like to maintain flexible and remote work options. But, this presents a challenge for businesses. Can a hybrid workforce be … Continue reading

What You Need To Know About Windows 365 Multi-Window Support

One of the most important elements that any organization requires to have functional teams is effective communication. Multi-window support matters especially when you are trying to establish a hybrid work environment. This is because failure to create good communication can negatively affect collaboration on projects and overall productivity. Reasons like these are why platforms like Microsoft Teams can be vital for enhancing the way your organization works. Teams can help you establish good communication channels and boost cooperation. And there are a number of different features that Microsoft has introduced to help streamline workflow. Multi-window support is one such feature … Continue reading

Useful Things You Can Learn from the Windows 365 Community Right Now

As most people have probably experienced in the past, getting up to speed with a new service or product can sometimes involve a lot of trial and error. How often does it happen that you accidentally ‘discover’ a new feature on an app or a device that you’ve had for a while? While it may generally make for an exciting finding, it’s arguably always better to be fully aware of the features and capabilities of a product or service. This is part of what Microsoft wanted to address with the Windows 365 Tech Community. A lot of organizations have been … Continue reading