MSiX Insider Preview Build 1.2019.402.0

Yet another release of the MSIX Packaging tool (1904) is nearing general public release. Here is the list of features and fixes Ability to convert on a remote machine. We talked about that earlier here Improved management experience in package editor. Auto versioning recommendations when saving in package editor. Now supports existing folder addition to package in VFS. User can specify known valid exit codes for CLI conversions. Added the ability to time stamp your signed package in all of the workflows where signing is currently available. You can specify your default time stamp URL and type of time stamp … Continue reading

MSiX – Remote machine conversions

The MSiX Packaging Tool (1.2019.226.0) Preview now has the ability to connect to a remote machine, where you can run the conversion.This is great news, and solves the normal issue with contamination on “non-sanitised” machines. I have always preferred to do my packaging and re-packaging on Hyper-V Virtual Machines This gives a total control and clean enviroment, with easy ability to get back to a controlled point of reference, using checkpoints. Getting started with remote machine conversions? Fear not! It is quite simple to get started. – PowerShell remoting must be enabled for secure access to the remote machine.– You … Continue reading

Smart Card device integration into Windows 10

All the joys of Windows 10….. now on 1709 Last week after upgrading Windows 10, I came a cross this nice new integration for Smart Cards. (tokens)               Windows 10 new has support for eTokens (SafeNet Tokens) I was very pleased with this update, it will save me yet another application to install. I’ve been using the SafeNet Application from Gemalto and it has served me well for several years. So time for a changes, the integrated Smart Card application in Windows 10 works perfect for me. I am using the following it with: … Continue reading

Remove dependency for msvcr120.dll/msvcp120.dll in release versions

I know that there are some questions about, how to include msvcr120.dll/msvcp120.dll into your project. If you want to drop that dependency. If you compile the program in release version, in Visual Studio 2013/2015 and do not depend on any VS-specific commands (#pragma etc.) or precompiled headers etc. If you want to compile it to one single release .exe and provide it to user WITHOUT demanding enduser to install VC++ Redistributes for VS You can statically link the runtime to your project by setting the /MT flag. You can find this option in Visual Studio 2013/2015 under Project > [ProjectName] Properties… > Configuration Properties > … Continue reading

Using a 3.Party IM Client with Office 365 or Lync?

Of course! I’ve been using Pidgin for ages… In Pidgin I’m able to run the following protocols -XMPP (facebook) Office Communicator (for Lync and O365) Skype Skype for Business ICQ ….. and lots more.. see the full list at Pidgin Thirdparty plugins You should try it, if you like me prefer to keep your conversation history’s together and sorted. One thing i’ve noticed, for some reason Office 365 (Lync or now Skype for Business) requires me to use a specific user agent(!) so….having problems getting it to work? Maybe you see: Connection refused with error message “You are currently not … Continue reading

Access Director 3.0 Released

The future of Windows is coming on July 29 To make your next Windows experience even better – We have just released the next version of Access Director.                                                                                               Using Access Director you will be able to secure your desktop, simple and easy! – Run your desktop in a non-elevated user context – Elevate only needed applications with a single click – Elevate in your current user-context without affecting other unsecured applications like IE or Office What’s in Access Director 3.0 ? – Updates to support the next Windows experience (10) – Support for integration modules – Minor bug fixes Get … Continue reading

EasyBoot USB 1.1 has been released

Simpel, but very helpful tool to create Windows Boot or To-Go USB sticks Download Link It’s that simple, EasyBoot USB with 4 easy steps and you are ready to go. Insert USB stick Choose between the following types UEFI BIOS Windows To Go Browse to your ISO file Click Start The tool is pretty much self-explanatory Do not hesitate to ping me with bugs, feature requests or ideas for new tools 🙂      

Access Director released!

It’s been some time since our last update, but here we go again Access Director has been updated and released This is a major upgrade, all previous versions should be uninstalled prior to installing the new versions Short list of changes Its now possbile to use localized balloon notification (or your own) Language default is en-us valid values are auto, or specific lananuge files e.g. de-de.lng (must reside in existing languages folder) Localized menu options (remember du save lng files as unicode) Registry modifications now resides in HKLMSoftwareNoLightPeopleAccess Director as per request the MSI, and application itself is now signed … Continue reading

Advanced Installer

For many years I’ve been working with Wise Package Studio, the best tool ever for application repackaging projects. Since Wise Package Studio is End of life – announced in December 2011. Now seemed like a good time to find a new tool, Flexera Admin Studio seemed like the obvious choice, but is rather expensive (still a great tool) In some cases Orca ( would get the job done, but still would take a long time I remembered coming across Advanced Installer at TechEd NA, so decide to have a look at the tool There is a free trial from the … Continue reading

TrayCuts for Windows

TrayCuts for Windows is now available for download The tool was developed for a customer, who needed company specific-shortcuts in the tray icon area TrayCuts will allow you to add shortcuts in th tray icon area, just by placing folders and links in a specific folder The location for shortcuts can be configured from registry   Download it from