Introducing a New Script to Check Autopilot Prerequisites

Autopilot is an essential tool for managing and deploying Windows devices in the enterprise. However, before deploying Autopilot, it’s important to ensure that your environment meets the necessary prerequisites. This can be a time-consuming and error-prone process, which is why we’re excited to introduce a new script that automates the prerequisite checking process. The new script, called Autopilot Prerequisite Checker, is a PowerShell script that checks whether your environment meets the prerequisites for deploying Autopilot. The script checks for the following prerequisites: Tenant checks: Device checks: User checks: Network checks: The script is easy to use and can be run … Continue reading

Windows Autopilot to enroll hybrid Azure AD-joined error

I came across this issue where joining the on-premise Active Directory failed during Windows Autopilot. The full error message from the event viewer of the machine where the Intune Connector is installed. Intune Connector event viewer error: RequestOfflineDomainJoinBlob_Failure: Failed to generate ODJ blobRequestId: 9d1e4614-3217-4d7c-87ef-df7fceb648c9DeviceId: 83c83fd7-10c8-49c8-9c15-8489ff126eedDomainName: Mydomain.LOCALRetryCount: 0ErrorDescription: Failed to call NetProvisionComputerAccount machineName=AutoP-PFv5HetaEInstanceId: C07C1188-586C-44BD-93C1-F236A633DA9BDiagnosticCode: 268435455WinErrorCode: 8557DiagnosticText: We are unable to complete your request because a server-side error occurred. Please try again. [Exception Message: “DiagnosticException: 0x0FFFFFFF. We are unable to complete your request because a server-side error occurred. Please try again.”] [Exception Message: “Failed to call NetProvisionComputerAccount machineName=AutoP-PFv5HetaE”] The Intune Connector for … Continue reading

Should You Allow Self-Service With Windows Autopilot?

With Windows Autopilot, Microsoft gives clients a collection of technologies designed to eliminate the challenges that come with building, maintaining, and applying custom images. It’s a platform that IT professionals can utilize to set new desktops to join pre-existing configuration groups and apply profiles to the desktops. All of this is so that new users can access fully functional desktops from their first logon. By using Windows Autopilot, you can simplify the entire lifecycle of Windows devices. Meaning that it covers devices from the initial deployment through to the eventual end of the life cycle. The question, however, is should … Continue reading